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Crock Pot Apple Pie (Liquor)

Also known as “Apple Pie Moonshine” which might be offensive to anyone down south since this is made in a crock pot and not a still. It’s more like midwestern moonshine, and while you aren’t actually distilling your own liquor, depending on where you live, you may have to play bootlegger and make a run across the border to find the everclear if you’re one of the 14 states where it is illegal. This stuff is delicious, but deadly. From personal experience it goes down so sweet and smoothe, but after passing a bottle around one too many times at a “rugged loggers and sexy joggers” party (great party theme by the way) I spent Sunday with one hell of a hangover that left me feeling neither rugged nor sexy. This is the definition of something that should be drunk in moderation. It is best reserved for deer camp or a quick nip around the fire.

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