Fried Pickle Roll Ups

Fried Pickle Roll Ups

Go to enough family gatherings or potlucks in the midwest and you are guaranteed to come across a plate of ham and pickle roll ups (aka Minnesota sushi, but I kind of hate that name). It fits the midwestern food style of low effort, but high on presentation. Just roll and slice them up or stick a frilly toothpick in them if you’re feeling fancy. They might not seem like much but I honestly do get a little excited when I see these at a family reunion.

When I moved to North Dakota I was surprised to find a lot of bars that made their fried pickles wrapped in cheese and then in egg roll wrappers in some fried pickle wonton hybrid. So why not go one step further and take a classic ham cheese roll up, stick it in an egg roll wrapper, fry it and dip it in ranch. It’s eggroll, meets midwest, meets potluck, meets bar food and it’s delicious.


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