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Rhubarb Kuchen

Rhubarb Kuchen

Kuchen literally translates to “cake” in German, but traditionally kuchen is more of a cake/pie mash up in the best way with a fruit or custard filling that is a religionl in North and South Dakota. Now every grandma in South Dakota has their own secret recipe but typically you find two styles of kuchen, a soft dough kuchen that uses yeast and rises, and a quicker short dough kuchen which is the recipe I’m using. Strawberry rhubarb pie might be most people's go to for rhubarb season but I think much like North and South Dakota, kuchen is underrated. If you're not using the soft dough style, kuchen is easier than pie but you still get all the deliciousness with less effort.

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  • Love this recipe! I have have made peach kuchen . Got the recipe from Germans from Russia book from North Dakota area. I’m from Warroad, MN. No one’s ever heard about around here. They know lefse for sure tho! You betcha!

    Mary Lou

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